Often, halls have to cater to a variety of functions including public speaking, group activities, music and sports. Each of these functions require acoustic consideration. In a large space with predominantly hard, reflective surfaces, reverberation can drastically reduce speech intelligibility and cause high noise levels.

Examples of solutions

Quietstone Light mounted on timber battens.

This system provides a simple, cost effective method of achieving Class A sound absorption with long life span and high impact resistance. 

Quietstone wall panels.

For areas likely to receive high levels of wear and tear such as in sports halls, within reaching level, Quietstone provides the level of durability required. This is the only sound absorption material which could be safely installed, this low down.

Quietspray seamless absorption.

This impeccable finish can take away an architect’s headache of how the take into account acoustics without detracting from the design of the space. The end result is a seamless white finish, like matt painted plaster.


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