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We deliver acoustic solutions to a wide range of markets and industry sectors. From increasing the clarity of sound in schools or conference facilities, reducing unwanted rail or traffic noise in tunnels or open country to improving the ambiance in nightclubs and restaurants or the acoustics in sports halls or shooting ranges. This section of our site enables you to explore the different markets that we serve. You can see which products are advised for the different applications and read case studies and examples of some of our completed projects. Do not hesitate to get in touch to speak to one of our experts to discuss how we can help you.

Acoustic FlooringAcoustic Flooring

Noise can often enter a room from below through the floor and also exasperated by reverberating sound echoing around a room. Quietstone's range of acoustic flooring solutions can tackle both these sources of unwanted noise.

Acoustic WallsAcoustic Walls

Unwanted noise comes from many directions and sources. The largest surface area in many rooms is the walls. So if you want to improve the acoustics of a room then it is important to consider the walls

acoustic ceilingsAcoustic Ceilings

Ceilings are generally hard surfaces which inherently reflect sound waves and as such are often the biggest offender when it comes to unwanted noise in a room. An acoustic ceiling can reduce this unwanted background noise by absorbing the sound and so deadening/dampening the noise in a room.

noise barrierNoise Barriers

Quietstone Acoustic noise barrier systems have uniquely designed there Acoustic Fencing systems to offer the highest levels of sound reduction on the market! All our systems to be maintenance free for the full life span of the barrier.

Conference Rooms

Conference room designers often demand an elegant minimalistic style with limited soft furnishings. This can give rise to excessive sound reverberation and poor acoustics leading to reduces clarity of voices and audio communications.

acoustics atAcoustics at Work

We offer a free survey and report service to help you get the most of our products for use in offices, education, healthcare and many other spaces

Rail Noise

We have undertaken extensive development in noise and vibration control solutions for rail noise. This includes tunnel lining, noise barriers and methods of controlling noise and vibration at the source.

Education & Conference

At Quietstone we offer cost effective and beautiful solutions to optimise the acoustics of any education establishment.


Often, halls have to cater to a variety of functions including public speaking, group activities, music and sports. Each of these functions require acoustic consideration. In a large space with predominantly hard, reflective surfaces, reverberation can drastically reduce speech intelligibility and cause high noise levels.


Acoustics in schools has been a growing area of focus in recent years. It is generally accepted that noise has a detrimental effect upon the learning and attainments of primary school children. 


Good acoustic conditions in healthcare buildings improve patient privacy and help essential sleep patterns. Such conditions are vital for healing. Other benefits include improved efficiency and morale of staff ,usability of equipment and and safety when voice alarm systems are in use.


All along the rail infrastucture from, train stations and rail tunnels to the rails themselves are all places that can benefit from the range of solutions and systems we have developed.

Train Stations

Noise control in train stations is made difficult by the amount of activity present, the train engines and rolling noise, and the hard, reflective surfaces necessary for function

Tunnel Lining

Tunnel lining is a demanding application requiring fire resistance, sound adsorption and durability. Quietstone is ideal choice.


We have developed a diverse range of noise absorption and reduction solutions which can help and look good in a range of leisure locations, from bars and nightclubs to sportshalls and leisure centres.

Bars and Nightclubs

Because of the durability of our materials, with suitable pigmentation to match the location, we can offer attractive finishes for bars and nightclubs


In order to introduce an ambience where communication is suitably relaxed and the people sitting nearby aren’t hearing other people’s conversations, careful layout design and material choice is necessary


Speech intelligibility is of high importance in sports halls, particularly when teaching children. These halls are often used for music, plays and speaking events which also require more reverberation control than a bare hall will typically offer

Shooting Range

Shooting ranges create a lot of noise and must be resistant to bullet fragments or other shattered materials ricocheting out of control. We can supply a tried and tested acoustic system ideally suited to a shooting range incorporating various products.

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