Acoustic walls 

Unwanted noise comes from many directions and sources. The largest surface area in many rooms is the walls. So if you want to improve the acoustics of a room then it is important to consider improving the acoustic performance of the walls.

Sound absorbing walls

Hard surfaces such as walls tend to reflect sound. This leads to sound waves bouncing around a room, or reverberating leading to high levels of background noise. Sound absorbing walls soak-up the sound, deadening echos and dampening background noise. This gives a more peaceful environment and enhances the clarity of speech. Often the main problem with audio visual performance in modern video conferencing or meeting rooms lies in the room’s acoustics.

Sound insulating walls 

Sound insulating walls minimise the sound transmitted through the wall, reducing noise entering or leaving a room. This increases privacy and reduces unwanted background noise.

Innovative products for acoustic walls

Our innovative products for acoustic walls are specially designed, tried and tested to deliver both sound absorption and sound insulation thus controlling all unwanted noise. We offer robust high impact panels suitable for a shooting range through to bespoke decorative acoustic tiles and wall panels ideal for reception areas. Explore our products below or call us for more information.


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