Cem Rock & Quietstone Cladding on Heat Pump
November 1st, 2022

Sound Proofing Heat Pumps

With the demand for improved living and working conditions comes an increased noise nuisance. Especially since the increase in energy prices, more and more properties and offices are installing heat pumps. The external units of these heat pumps contain fans and compressors which produce a constant droning noise that is hard to ignore and over time can be irritating and cause stress. Good installation, regular maintenance, and a suitable stable base are all important to reduce the noise but often further sound proofing measures are required.

Reduce Sound Reverberation

Depending on the location of the unit the next step is generally to add some acoustic panels on any adjacent walls or fences to absorb the unwanted noise. If the units are positioned close to, or enclosed by other walls or hard surfaces these can cause the sound to reverberate around the area. Cladding these nearby hard surfaces in sound absorbing weather proof panels can be simple and effective.

Sound Proof Enclosures for Heat Pumps

A sound proof enclosure is generally considered a good solution when sound proofing heat pumps. When planning an enclosure it is important to bear in mind that air flow is important for the efficient operation of these units. A suitable enclosure has the added advantage of screening the unit and improving the appearance of the property. It is important that the sound proof enclosure is robust and weather proof to last over time. It also vital that the material used has good acoustic properties otherwise the noise will reverberate in the enclosure. 

Quietstone acoustic panels are ideal for this application. They form the ideal noise barrier to clad the unit without impeding the flow of air. Able to withstand all weather conditions and easy to fit into a simple framework, Quietstone fits the brief.

  • Made from recycled glass it is a light weight easy to cut and shape product.
  • Available in various thicknesses but 25 and 50mm as standard.
  • Board size 1200mm x 600mm.
  • Our experienced staff can advise on positioning and suitability of our unique Quietstone tiles.

For further information please do not hesitate to get in touch. One of our acoustic experts will be happy to discuss your project.

Heat Pump Sound Insulation- Quietstone Light & Cem-Rock Cladding

Heat Pump Cladding – Quietstone Light & Cem-Rock Cladding

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