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Acoustic Bricks

Conventional bricks reflect unwanted noise and can disrupt people’s living and working environments with high levels of reverberating noise (echoing).

Quietstone Acoustic Bricks are the perfect answer. As well as looking excellent these bricks absorb sound and so reduce reverberation. They are robust and weatherproof, thus ideal for indoor or outdoor uses. Perfect for hallways or shared entrance areas where unwanted noise echoes around, disturbing other residents. Just like any quality brick Quietstone Acoustic Brick can be used as an attractive feature inside a building. These bricks will blend in with the existing wall. The effect of QAB is truly amazing.

Quietstone acoustic bricks are made from recycled glass. Like many of our products, this means that it has a low carbon footprint so they contribute towards improving the sustainability of a project. This means that many of our products can contribute to increasing the BREEAM rating for new buildings.

As manufacturers, we can produce Acoustic bricks to your specification and thus match other products or styles. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Sound Absorption

Sound absorption or noise deadening, is one of the key properties of Quietstone. The structure of the material is designed to take in and absorb the sound energy. This unwanted sound is then lost or transmitted away thus ‘deadening’ the noise.

Sound Insulation

We offer expertise and a range of products for sound insulation. Whether your requirement is for an indoor or outdoor noise barrier we have a range of products suitable for any sound insulation project. We supply barrier sheets for partition walls, ceiling systems and lining material for marine engine rooms.


  • Suitable for restaurants
  • Halls
  • Reception areas
  • Sports halls
  • Playgrounds
  • Theme parks
  • Side of houses or office blocks
  • Any other application where bricks are used


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