Acoustic ceilings – high performance and aesthetic design

Ceilings are generally hard surfaces which inherently reflect sound waves and as such are often a big offender when it comes to unwanted noise in a room. Sound can reverberate and echo around a room compromising the audibility of speech and causing an unpleasant level of background noise. An acoustic ceiling can reduce this unwanted background noise by absorbing the sound and so deadening/dampening the noise in a room. In addition an acoustic ceiling can assist with sound insulation so reducing unwanted sound entering or leaving a room and so increase privacy. 

In the work place an acoustic ceiling can improve productivity as it reduces distractions and promotes a sense of well being by creating a more peaceful working environment. In a bar or restaurant it creates a more relaxing atmosphere and facilitates quiet intimate conversation.

From schools to music venues and sports halls to conference rooms Quietstone acoustic ceilings dramatically reduce unwanted noise and improve clarity of speech.

Choose from our range of panels and tiles or our beautiful seamless acoustic ceiling system. 


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