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Versatile Robust Acoustic Tiles

Quietshapes are one of the most versatile and hard wearing acoustic tiles available.  Ideal for use on ceilings or walls inside or outside. This range of acoustic tiles can be manufactured to your exact specification, any size, shape or colour enabling you to create a unique and stunning feature. 

At Quietstone we believe in combining both beauty and function in our products so they don’t just look good they are practical too.  A wonderful acoustic wall design. Excellent for office acoustics, reception areas, call centres, restaurant areas, nightclub acoustics, retail and many other applications. We can produce bespoke acoustic tiles in a colour and shape to meet your design requirements.

Manufactured using our specially developed high performance acoustic material (Quietstone Light) these tiles have great sound absorbing properties while also being robust, hard wearing and easy to work with. Produced from recycled glass the tiles are a sustainable and environmentally friendly product. They are non-toxic, non-fibrous, fireproof and non-caustic and contain no VOCs so pose no health concerns. They are weather proof and will not rot or corrode. The colour is throughout the material so will not crack or peal and cut surfaces show the same colour. If the tiles are scratched or modified the colour will not be removed. Easily cleaned they require no maintenance so will look great for years.

If you are feeling creative and have a design in mind please call us. We will more than likely be able to cut it for you.

Sound Absorption

Sound absorption or noise deadening, is one of the key properties of Quietstone. The structure of the material is designed to take in and absorb the sound energy. This unwanted sound is then lost or transmitted away thus ‘deadening’ the noise.

Sound Insulation

We offer expertise and a range of products for sound insulation. Whether your requirement is for an indoor or outdoor noise barrier we have a range of products suitable for any sound insulation project. We supply barrier sheets for partition walls, ceiling systems and lining material for marine engine rooms.


  • Acoustic Walls
  • Conference Rooms
  • Halls
  • Bars and Nightclubs
  • Acoustics at work
  • Education & Conference
  • Train Stations
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Sportshalls
  • Healthcare
  • Leisure

Technical Specifications

Panel size1200 x 600 mm (other sizes available on request)

ThicknessesAnything from 15mm to 50mm

Weight8kg/m² at 25mm

Fire safetyClass 0

Acoustic performanceup to class A (αԝ 0.95) depending on thickness and mounting

CleaningCan be cleaned with all detergents

Weather resistanceImpervious to frost and rain

Acoustic Performance – Tested toBS EN 354:2003


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