Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Wall Panels

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Acoustic wall panels are an excellent option, particularly when combined with absorptive ceiling systems.

Acoustic wall panels have a lower absorption rating than ceiling panels. Nevertheless, sound absorbing panels on the walls provide an excellent way of reducing reverberation, particularly in areas where other options such as screens, dividers and wall art would be inappropriate.

Reducing the reverberation time is not the only bonus to using these panels. They may also prevent the formation of annoying flutter echoes which often occur between parallel reflective walls.

Art panels 

For a more personal approach talk to us about art wall panels. These are printed with designs, either of your choice or from our vast selection of images.

Acoustic Tiles

We also manufacture an alternative acoustic wall panel system – Quietshapes. Made from our unique sound absorbing material these are more robust and harder wearing, with superior acoustic performance in most situations. 

Call us to discuss your requirements and which products would be ideal for you (0)1625 576970 or contact us.

Sound Absorption

Sound absorption or noise deadening, is one of the key properties of Quietstone. The structure of the material is designed to take in and absorb the sound energy. This unwanted sound is then lost or transmitted away thus ‘deadening’ the noise.


  • Areas where other options such as screens, dividers would be inappropriate
  • Open plan cafes or seating areas
  • Board Rooms
  • Open plan home spaces


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