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Light Weight External Fire Resistant Board

Light weight, non-combustible (class A1), highly insulating and water resistant cement board. An innovative multipurpose board that can line everything from your exterior wall to your interior partition walls.

Cem-Rock™ is an eco-friendly, light weight, high strength magnesium cement board with safer, easier and faster application suitable for both interior and exterior use. It can replace traditional building boards and can be used as an alternative to chipboard, plywood, OSB, fibre cement board, calcium silicate board, and gypsum board. Offering a fresh innovative building board the construction industry has been longing for. Best of all Cem-Rock™ has the environment in mind and carries an A1 fire rating, tested to EN 13501standard as well as a CE certification.

Class A1 fire rated product

Cem-Rock™ can easily achieve up to 2 hour fire ratings. It releases water vapour during a fire event, helping to cool and contain the fire. No plywood, OSB or drywall panel can claim this. 

Strong and durable

Stronger than both gypsum boards or fibre cement products and lighter that fibre cement products. Cem-Rock™ safe to work with and extremely user friendly. Easy to cut and score. It is also suitable for curved surfaces as it is pliable (3 meter bending radius). Due to these characteristics Cem-Rock™ increases a building’s life span.

Resistant properties 

Impervious to water and moisture resistant Cem-Rock™ retains structural stability when wet. In addition it does not feed mildew, rot, mould, and is resistant to termites as it contains zero foodstuff.

Environmentally friendly

Contains no formaldehyde, no fly ash, no toxins and does not off-gas. Cem-Rock™ is a carbon neutral product and is completely recyclable. It captures CO2 during the curing process and uses a low energy manufacturing process. With no carcinogenic dust it is ideal for chemically sensitive people in the home environment.

Fire Proofing

Fireproof is one of the key properties of Quietstone. Fire protection is a valuable property required in a range of applications, from tunnel linings to marine engine rooms.




Cem-Rock™ provides a flexible, fire resistant, easy to cut and work with building board suitable for a variety of applications including, but not limited to following:

  • Dry lining 
  • Tile backer board
  • Humid environments, saunas & swimming pools
  • Soffits, ceilings & roofs
  • Fire places & chimney breasts
  • External facades
  • Kitchen areas
  • Curved surfaces
  • Cable protection
  • Boiler rooms, fire rooms, fire proof partitions
  • Factory wall
cem rock dry lining

Tile backer board and drylining


Technical Specifications

Nominal dimensions2400x1200x12 mm

Thickness available6mm, 8mm and 10mm

Dimensions tolerance (EN 12467:2012)Level 1 (+/- 3mm)

Average weight11.6 kg/m2

Average density (EN 12647)950 kg/m3

Bending strength (EN 12647)≥ 6.2 MPa

Bending radius2.0 m

Modulus of Rupture Flexural Resistance10.3 N/mm2 (Class 2), ║ 8.5 N/mm2 (Class 2)

Reaction to fire classification (EN 13501-1:2013)A1 (non-combustible)

Water Vapour Transmission1,975 g/hm2

Water vapour diffusion coefficient μ (EN ISO 12572)54

Thermal Conductivity (EN ISO 10456)0.39 W/Km

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