Aquafire fire board

Quietstone Aquafire – Light weight fire and water resistant Board

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Lightweight cement Tile backer board

Quietstone AQUAFIRE® is a firbre-reinforced lightweight cement fire board. AQUAFIRE® is extremely lightweight, non-combustible (class A1), highly insulating and water resistant.

It does not decay, deform, flake or crumble and it does not deteriorate in the presence of water. AQUAFIRE® is an exceptional and resistant support for the application of ceramic tiles, glass mosaics, brick coverings or any other type of covering.


Cutting Aquafire Fire board


One strike of a knife and the board snaps. This makes it the easiest board to cut on the market. a video of this cutting can be seen in the attached link




Aqua fire is the perfect cement fire board for your kitchen applications. The moisture doesn’t penetrate the cement fire board and the board is A1 non-combustible.




Aqua fire is ideal for shower rooms where the moisture levels are high. The panels are easy to cut so intricate areas are easily and quickly installed.




Aquafire exterior cladding Fire board


Aquafire fire board is both robust and resistant to chemical and biological attack, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications – including external building cladding. It is also ideal for demanding environments. The Aqua fire panels have a curve radius of 2m so curved buildings and interior walls are not a challenge to Aqua fire boards.




Fire Proofing

Fireproof is one of the key properties of Quietstone. Fire protection is a valuable property required in a range of applications, from tunnel linings to marine engine rooms.




  • Fire places & chimney breasts
  • Saunas & swimming pools
  • Ceilings & roofs
  • External facades
  • Kitchen areas
  • Outdoor buildings
  • Curved surfaces
  • Cable protection
  • Humid environments
  • Boiler rooms
  • Fire rooms
  • Factory walls
  • Fire proof partitions

Technical Specifications

Panel size1200 x 2000 x 12.5mm or 1000 x 600 x 12.5mm

Weight960 kg per m2

Fire ProofTested to BS476 part 4: Non-Combustible
A1 Non-Combustible
Non-Combustible for Marine Equipment

Moisture ResistantAquafire Fire Board is not affected by moisture and is completely free draining

Impact ResistantAquafire Fire Board is durable and has good impact resistance

Biological and chemical ResistantAquafire is very resistant to chemical, bacteria and fungal attack
























































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