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Fireproof Brick Cladding Tiles

Brick Clad FR offers a truly unique non combustible brick slip system to meet the modern day building requirements.

Our brick slip system comes in a range of finishes from reclaim antique bricks to modern vibrant colours and styles to meet the demands of a wide range of building projects.

We have designed our brick cladding system to meet the engineering needs of the modern construction industry. Each brick slip panel contains 32 bricks mounted on a unique lightweight, non combustible material. Tiles are easy to cut and work, ensuring our brick slip panel system is quick and simple to install. Two men can install 30 m2 of Brick Clad FR per day including all pointing and finishing to a professional standard. The simplicity of installation and the competitive pricing of the tiles make Brick Clad FR one of the best value Brick Cladding systems on the market.

Many brick slip panels on the market today are mounted on polystyrene which is highly flammable. Our system is mounted on a fully tested lightweight non-combustible board which is water resistant.This means that our brick cladding system is perfect for improving the fire safety of a building. The tiles are ideal for mounting on top of thermal insulation to provide a non combustible outer shell over a building. 





Brick Slip Finishes Available:

Fire Proofing

Fireproof is one of the key properties of Quietstone. Fire protection is a valuable property required in a range of applications, from tunnel linings to marine engine rooms.



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