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Rail Anti-buckle Coating

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Reduces Rail Track Buckling In Hot Weather

A revolutionary single pass anti-buckle coating which insulates the rail and prevents reduction in train speeds. A 30-year life span is expected. Even when the coat ages and discolours the effect of insulating remains. Machine applied simple and quick many kilometres or rail track can be treated in one day.

During hot summers, conventional rail tracks absorb heat. This results in the steel expanding and causes stress on the rail tracks and the trackbed. In extended hot weather, rail tracks can be placed under high stresses and start to buckle. This causes disruption to rail services with train speeds having to be restricted on hot days resulting in train cancelations and delays. The problems are described in this article from Rail Technology Magazine. UK’s railways threaten to buckle as temperatures soar.

A single 2mm coating will thermally insulate the rail from increasing temperatures and significantly reduce these complications.

Economic reasons for anti-buckle coating

  • Longer rail life
  • Longer train life
  • No loss in traffic volumes on the rail
  • Time tables un-effected

Untreated rail is subjected to the following effects due to excess heat

  • Wear and tear
  • Weathering
  • Buckling
  • Cracking

Untreated rails are open to the effects of heat and also cold which causes buckling which in turn starts a process of decline. The rail loses shape and allows the train to bounce on the track albeit a small amount to start with but as the situation worsens the train begins to suffer and the ride becomes unpleasant and a reduction in speed is needed to combat the situation.

Now a corrugated surface is beginning to develop. Rail grinding to smooth the surface back, is a short fix but one that is adopted throughout Europe. This is expensive however precise costs related to this is unknown to us at this time. 

A method of treating rail for rust was first needed and a simple cleaning solution has been devised. This is applied to the substrate first. Then the anti-buckle coating is applied to the rail which will last for 30 years.

The coating is applied to the web of the rail on both sides and a full track can be done in one pass.

“Initial trials in Italy showed very positive results”

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