August 18th, 2021

Mineral Wool Health Concerns and Why Quietstone is Different

Concerns about the heath risks associated with mineral wool continue to build. After asbestos insulation was finally banned in the 1990s mineral wool based insulation emerged to replace it. Mineral wool insulation is made from fibres which are spun from molten glass, stone or slag (industrial waste). 

What are the health concerns of mineral wool?

When originally tested mineral wool was classified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Agency on the Research on Cancer (IARC) as carcinogenic and hazardous to humans. Following this the mineral wool industry altered the composition of their product. After further tests in 2002 mineral wool was declassified as a carcinogen. However, it has emerged that the mineral wool available today is different from what was tested. An important ‘binder’ had been removed for testing.

A new study Critical Choices in Predicting Stone Wool Biodurability: Lysosomal Fluid Compositions and Binder Effects has added further evidence that that the binder has a relevant effect on the testing. Dissolution testing helps to predict biodurability of mineral wool fibres in the lung and so measures the hazard potential of the mineral wool fibres, including carcinogenicity. Removing the binder for testing accelerated the average dissolution rate. 

This new evidence raises further serious questions relating to mineral wool health concerns, its safety and its use in buildings and homes.

Why is Quietstone different?

Quietstone is made from expanded glass granulate. It is non-fibrous, non-toxic, odorless and doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. Expanded glass granulate is produced from recycled glass using a patented technique. Waste glass is crushed and ground, then mixed with blowing agents and formed into granules. The granulate is sintered and expanded at a temperature of 750°C to 900°C in a rotary kiln. An ecological product made of mineral raw materials is produced this way.

Quietstone does not harm the environment or human health.

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