railway acoustic barrier
January 6th, 2015

Dockland Light Railway Acoustic Barrier Project

January 2015 – Quietstone are now supplying the Docklands Light Railway with our latest acoustic barrier system. The specification was changed from Rockwool to Quietstone Light because after time the Rockwool could not withstand the outdoor elements. The Rockwool panels were wet and misshaped which greatly reduced the acoustic performance.

Railway acoustic barrier

Docklands Light Railway Acoustic Barrier

Quietstone Light acoustic panels are made from recycled glass granules which creates a free standing board that is durable, weather resistant and freeze thaw resistant. Our panels will last for many many years exposed to outdoor conditions and will preform to a high standard all year round.

To make sure the barriers preform to the highest standard they have been installed right next to the railway track to absorb as much passing train noise as possible.

Our Dockland Light rail acoustic barrier system was developed by Quietstone in collaboration with Gramm barriers.

Quietstone design and develop innovative acoustic solutions which offer both beauty and functionality. Our versatile acoustic panels are high impact, weather resistant, fireproof, and available in your choice of colour and shape. From music rooms to railway lines, conference facilities to engine rooms we have the experience, the products and the solutions. Contact us, we will be happy to offer a free acoustic survey together with advice and prices.



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