Architectural Acoustic Shapes Oslo Library Ceiling
November 13th, 2014

Architectural Acoustic Shapes – Oslo Library

Innovation Brings Performance and Beauty

Quietstone are currently working with an architect to create this wonderful product design – acoustic shapes made from Quietstone Light.

We believe in making functional materials that bring beauty as well as performance into our buildings and infrastructure.  These acoustic shapes have been designed by the architect and developed and produced by Quietstone.

The panels reduce large amounts of reverberation and will be installed in a magnificent new library in Oslo. Each panel buts up to one another to create an amazing 3D ceiling effect that has outstanding acoustic qualities.

Architectural Acoustic Shapes in Quietstone Light

Quietstone Light Acoustic Shapes

Custom Made Acoustic Shapes

Custom Made Acoustic Shapes

Quietstone design and develop innovative acoustic solutions which offer both beauty and functionality. Our versatile acoustic panels are high impact, weather resistant, fireproof, and available in your choice of colour and shape. From music rooms to railway lines, conference facilities to engine rooms we have the experience, the products and the solutions. Contact us, we will be happy to offer a free acoustic survey together with advice and prices.

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