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July 27th, 2015

Conference Room Acoustic Ceilings For

The acoustics of a conference room needs careful consideration. The room needs to offer a quiet confidential space where speech can be clearly heard throughout the room, whilst also being professional in appearance and aesthetically pleasing to impress visitors. Often audio equipment is blamed when voices are not clearly audible however the lack of clarity can often be due to sound reverberation. This is often the case in modern conference rooms where a clean uncluttered look is desired, so the sound bounces and reverberates around the hard flat surfaces degrading the clarity of speech, recording and communications. Sound reverberation can be reduced by introducing the appropriate sound absorbing surfaces.

When Moonpig wanted to increase the clarity of communication and also improve the appearance of their conference rooms they selected Quietstone acoustic ceiling panels. The system was installed in all 8 conference rooms at their head quarters in London. The specification was white acoustic ceiling panels that had to be sound absorption class A (the highest class of sound absorption).

To meet this specification we installed Quietstone Light in a white colour at the given thickness of 50mm, we also allowed for a 50mm air gap behind the panels to improve the acoustics.

About Moonpig

Moonpig are one of the most well known companies that sell personalised greeting cards in the UK. Launched in July 2000 the company has grown quickly and by 2007 they had a 90% market share and shipped nearly 6 million cards.

Quietstone design and develop innovative acoustic solutions which offer both beauty and functionality. Our versatile acoustic panels are high impact, weather resistant, fireproof, and available in your choice of colour and shape. From music rooms to railway lines, conference facilities to engine rooms we have the experience, the products and the solutions. Contact us, we will be happy to offer a free acoustic survey together with advice and prices.

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