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We produce acoustic products which are not already catered for in the market. Need a sound absorber which can be fitted outdoors without getting damaged? We have a solution for you. Have an open plan space which requires acoustic treatment which won’t detract from the aesthetics? The Quietspray ceiling system is ideal for this. Need to provide sound absorption in an environment where other products could get damaged such as a train station or sports hall? We can help you here.

A brief history of our products: –

It all started with the original Quietstone; This sound absorber made from bonded flint particles gave engineers a durable and weather resistant alternative to other products on the market. 

Next, Quietstone Light was made. This shares some of the same properties but utilises recycled glass beads rather than flint which greatly reduces weight and opens up new opportunities.

To fill a gap in the market, we took the original material and optimised it’s acoustic performance and fire resistance. The result: Quietstone FR30 is now perfect for tunnel lining and this duel function is unmatched in the marketplace and passes all European standards.

Having been asked if we can provide a ‘seamless white ceiling finish’ by architects and acoustic consultants looking for a sound absorber which won’t be detrimental to well designed spaces, we developed Quietspray – a suspended frame work with Quietstone light panels attached to which a specialist plaster is then applied to achieve the seamless finish.

We also work on finishes to complement modern architecture. This includes matching stone nishes, pigmenting panels to match the surroundings, and even matching concrete. We are always happy to discuss bespoke solutions which needn’t be expensive due to the exible nature of the material and production


We provide total solutions for unwanted noise. Our acoustic experts are here to provide advice, we can offer a free noise survey, to review and measure the nature of your noise problem, and thus propose appropriate solutions. From ceilings to floors, and fences to sofas, we can make your world quieter.


From construction materials to soft furnishings we design and manufacture a unique range of sound insulating & sound absorbing products. Our acoustic panels and tiles are available in any size, shape or colour, providing both functionality & beauty. We also manufacture acoustic spray for a seamless finish. In addition Quietstone is fire and blast resistant.


Quietstone deliver innovative noise reduction and acoustic solutions for both external & internal applications, from offices & factories to public spaces.

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Our acoustic experts are here to provide advice

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