Quietspray – Seamless Acoustic Ceiling System


Quietspray is one of the world’s leading seamless acoustic ceiling providers and installers with approved and successful projects worldwide. We manufacture our very own acoustic panel in Cheshire, England. Our acoustic panel is made from 94% recycled glass with a beautiful marble granular acoustic plaster finish.


  • Sound absorption properties which range from class A to D
  • Thermal conductivity of 0.08 w/mk
  • Thickness of system ranges from 30mm – 225mm
  • Range of finishes for our acoustic plaster
  • Colour match and RAL colours are available

Suitable areas of application

  • Vertical wall areas, low or high
  • Curved wall areas, low or high. Radius of 0-500cm
  • Ceiling areas
  • Curved wall areas. radius of 0-500cm

Installation Conditions

For installing our Quietspray system the conditions of the environment must be the following.

  • The ceiling has to be either a concrete structure or a plasterboard structure
  • Ceiling must be stable (no signs of cracking )
  • Must be airtight
  • Area of install must be accessible
  • Room temperature has to remain stable around the installation and drying time

Quietspray installers have to have access to the ceiling areas without other construction workers blocking the areas of install.

System profiles


Class D Quietspray 30

Class D Quietspray

Concrete soffit, 2mm Quietstone adhesive, 25mm Quietstone Light board, 3mm acoustic plaster

Class C Quietspray 228

Class C Quietspray

Concrete Soffit, 200mm suspended frame system with 300mm centres. The frame system creates a 200mm air gap, 25mm Quietstone Light board, 40mm screws required to hold Quietstone Light board to the frame system, 3mm acoustic plaster

Class A Quietspray 55

Class A Quietspray

Concrete soffit,  2mm Quietstone adhesive,  40mm Quietstone high density mineral wool,  10mm Quietstone Light board, 3mm acoustic plaster.

Acoustic test results


Class D Quietspray 30mm thick system

Class D Quietspray Tick System

Class C Quietspray 228mm thick system

Class C Quietspray Thick System

Class A Quietspray 55mm thick system

Class A Quietspray 55mm thick system

Installation times

Our installation times are based on three to four men working on a 40-60m2 ceiling project.  

Day 1 and 2: bonding the Quietstone Light boards to ceiling

Day 3, Applying Quietstone filler to the joints and sanding the surface

Day 4 and 5 Applying acoustic plaster to the surface of the ceiling

Day 6 and 7 – Drying times

The perfect conditions for our acoustic plaster to dry are 15 degrees + and airflow

Maintenance / aftercare

Cleaning and maintenance guide.

To ensure continual high performance of our acoustic seamless ceiling system the following regime should be followed.

  1. Keep the area in and around the ceiling dust free.
  2. Reduce draft flow as this can cause dust to be forced into the ceiling.
  3. Vacuum every six months.
  4. Report and observe any colour changes due to air pollution.
  5. Keep air conditioning units clean and serviced.


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