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October 10th, 2022

Hospital Acoustics – What are the Benefits?

Acoustic Panels in Hospitals 

If you have ever had to stay overnight in a hospital before, you will understand how difficult it can be to get any sleep, or just simply relax. Surrounded by busy nurses, machines beeping, and trolleys rolling, noise is everywhere and regularly exceeding acceptable levels.

According to the NHS Inpatient Survey, 40% of hospital patients in the UK complain about noise at night (NHS Adult Inpatient Survey  2022). Intensive care units have been found to have noise levels as high as 100dB. This level of noise is above the threshold at which hearing impairment starts to occur and would make it nearly impossible to fall asleep deeply. Excessive hospital noise not only harms patients by making them irritable and exhausted by impairing their rest and sleep, but it can also lower the standard of treatment they receive.

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The busy and loud environment of a hospital ward increases the vulnerability of inpatients, who are more susceptible to anxiety and stress than healthy persons. People frequently leave the hospital too soon only to be readmitted because of the increased stress brought on by a noisy hospital environment, which can also have an impact on pain sensitivity, blood pressure, and mental health. (Environmental Protection UK) The quality of treatment provided, as well as the physicians’ and nurses’ own performance and weariness, are all significantly impacted by noise. Noise also significantly affects communication between doctors and nurses and their patients.


Effective acoustics treatment has been thoroughly studied for its positive effects on health and well-being in offices and other working spaces. It is logical that every new hospital project, whether a new build or a refurbishment, should put a priority on appropriate acoustics design.  

Our innovative acoustic panels are designed to ensure that a hospital environment’s noise is reduced to minimum, studies have found this leads to an increase in productivity and reduced stress levels in staff members and comfortable patients who have less issue sleeping at night. See the link for more information. 

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How can the sound environment be improved?

At Quietstone, we focus on sound absorption technology to provide solutions to acoustic issues within each particular room or space.

In circulation or waiting areas, we are able to fit a choice of our most effective sound-absorbing solutions which can drastically improve the performance of these spaces. Clarity of announcements, conversations between doctors and loved ones, and just the general comfort of these areas will all improve thanks to acoustics treatment.

In conclusion:

Effective acoustic treatment in hospitals can have a drastic impact on the well-being of both patients and staff. These complex buildings require the careful and strategic design to ensure that they are a comfortable environment for the best possible care to be given.

Through sound-absorbent panels, the comfort of healthcare spaces can be significantly improved. For any enquiries or questions relevant to this please get in touch and speak to one of our specialists. We will be happy to help meet your requirements.

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