Plant room sound Insulation

Plant Room Sound Insulation

Plant Room Noise Reduction 

Plant rooms can be noisy places with sound reverberating around the solid walls and little or no soft surfaces to deaden all the unwanted noise. We have delivered a number of projects for clients wanting to control the noise levels in such places including roof top plant rooms and noise from air conditioning units both indoors and out doors.

Air conditioning units surrounded by acoustic panels to absorb unwanted noise.

Quietstone Light acoustic panels are used to line the interior of the room or screen off the area outside. This effectively absorbs the noise, minimising reverberation and so reducing the  noise levels in the room or surrounding area. 

Quietstone Light acoustic panels offer a number of benefits for such projects:

  • Excellent sound absorption
  • Bright and attractive finish
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Easy to work on site, install and low maintenance
  • Fire rated – Fire and blast resistant
Plant room Acoustic Solution

Plant room lined with acoustic panels to reduce noise levels



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